PvP legends, is a pvp based minecraft server.
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 These are our rules

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PostSubject: These are our rules   Thu Aug 23, 2012 8:29 pm

These are the current Rules of PVPLEGENDS
They are enforced for the benefit of its players.

Breaking these rules will lead to any of the following punishments:

- Verbal Warning
- Kick
- Mute
- Jail
- Faction Disbandment
- Temp Ban
- Ban
- IP Ban
- Global Ban


1. No asking for OP. We only permit seasoned and well trained staff to have OP.
2. No Spam. We hold a 0 Tolerance policy for spam. If your spam is suspected from hacking you will be globally banned
3. No asking for ranks. Apply on forum instead.
4. No Hacking. Nodus users will be banned immediately.
5. No asking for apps to be reviewed, we will get to them, persist and your app will be deleted.
6. No Disrespecting staff unless they are disrespecting you.
[Note] Report abusive staff on forum.
7. No asking for items from staff or Begging / Whining.
8. No Racism
9. No sexism, Yes we have female players.
10. No Caps RAGING.
11. No X RAY
12. No FLYING unless permitted via rank or with admin escort.
13. No PVP logging. You will DIE INSTANTLY.
14. NO ADVERTISING. only acceptable means of sharing server info is to 1 person in private chat. accidently typing in public chat isnt an excuse and will be met with a ban.


1. No PVP, Potion use, Firecharges, Griefing, Raiding of any sort allowed IN PLOT AREA. Everywhere else is fine.
2. No Derp Towers in plots unless fully decorated or being worked on.
3. No storing weaponry or Armor in Plots. - It will be removed.
4. No Bugging administrators about plots. Sign up for one. We will get to it eventually


1. No Abuse - violaters will be demoted or banned.
2. Take screenshot evidence of offence and post in Evidence locker
3. Take appropriate measures for Appropriate offences
Do this by typing /mail send dant35tra5t <Faction name> <Disband Reason>
5. Leave a kick reason.
6. Leave a ban reason.
7. Do not EVER use your powers to gain unfair advantage.
8. Do not EVER Adjust Faction power or Player power.
9. Do not EVER wipe logs of any sort. You will be globally banned.
10. Do not circumvent authority unless your superior is "Under Investigation"
11. Do not give players useful or sellable items
Acceptable items:
- Gold Hoes
- Saddles
- Wooden swords
- Leather armor
12. Follow all player rules as well

Rules subject to change at any time.
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These are our rules
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