PvP legends, is a pvp based minecraft server.
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 creeper squisher aplacation for mod

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creeper squisher

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PostSubject: creeper squisher aplacation for mod   Mon Jul 23, 2012 10:49 pm

Creeper squisher
Name: logan

#2 Age: 16

#3 i have been playing minecraft for 2 years

#4 i have been playing pvplegends for 2 days

#5 yes i have had experience with staff positions on other servers

#6 Yes i do know how factions work

#7 no sadly i do not got a microphone No


I think i should have the privlages of being a mod because, i will help the server as much as possible.
i will make sure no one uses hacks!
i will help people with their questions.
i will not abuse my powers and use for bad.
i will me loyal to the server and not leave no matter what
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creeper squisher aplacation for mod
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