PvP legends, is a pvp based minecraft server.
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 mod application (pick me)

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PostSubject: mod application (pick me)   Wed Jul 18, 2012 10:17 pm

Hey hey hey, my name is Kat.

I am 12 years old

I've been playing minecraft for about 2 years

Sadly i've only been playin on pvp legends for only a month or 2

I have no experience of being a staff member on any servers

I know the basics about factions but im not an expert i could probably learn more things about them

Yes i do have skype so you know call me maybe lol!

I feel like I would make a good mod because i'm nice and i'm always willing to help, if you need me just ask and i'll be there. Also if there's a situation where players are fighting because of something, i'm really good at solving the problem and making sure everyone gets there opinion heard. Another thing is I'm one of those people that just basically craves fun, I'll take my job seriously and all but i'll make sure that EVERYONE is having a good time Very Happy I'm very neutral i guess i'll say because im not very picky and i dont judge people at all actually my friend told me that i have a huge open heart and that i'm really caring so that was really nice of him. So to finish blabbering about myself i'd like to say good luck with your choice and whoever you decide to pick i'm sure they'll make the perfect mod! Very Happy


hey, so looking at my application i realized i'm making it seem like i only care about having fun but thats not true. If by some miracle i do get the job i will take the job seriously. i won't just mess around. i also belive i have other qualities that would make me the perfect fit for the job, im trustworthy, respectful, kind, caring. knowledgeable about minecraft, and i would put my heart and soul into this job. Also i'm on the server almost all day everyday exept for when i'm on vacation because i dont have a laptop so ya. i hope this has given you a better perspective of who i am and how i would be a perfect fit for the job.

Last edited by randomkat360 on Mon Jul 23, 2012 12:11 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : my application made me look like an idiot that only cares about fun.)
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mod application (pick me)
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