PvP legends, is a pvp based minecraft server.
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 everdeath155 for mod a great mod

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PostSubject: everdeath155 for mod a great mod   Wed Jul 18, 2012 6:34 pm

my name : everdeath155

my age : 16

how long have i been playing minecraft : since beta 1.2

how long have i been playing pvplegends : for 13 months

have i ever held a staff position : yes i have as mod admin head admin and once i was an owner

do i know how factions work : yes i know alot about how faction works i know how to change a f tag and every thing

do i have a microphone : no i dont have a microphone sorry

i think i should be mod becuase most of the mods or admins are on only a few times and when they are they arent on long. also most admins and mods treat there friends higher then normal people so i decided that if i were to be mod i would be fair and equal to all.anthor fact most of the officers and some of the damins abuse there power so no matter how powerfull i get i wont abuse the power . u can ask mostly anyone i am very nice unless u pushed me over the edge so i will do all in my power to help anyone with anything except personall or other kiddy things.also i love your server and im not writing this thing down just becuase its flattery i mean i love ur server and i would love to see my friends on it cuase wll its the best.i am also wanting to be mod cuase i really like helping ppl out but since some ppl hate me i cant help them when they are in trouble. I dont know if this will help or not but i am an excelent builder so i can build things like pixelart and such
and also like my older stament officers are too abusive with there power so i want to correct them and sometime i will put the officers in the other person shoes when they become abusive i also will not bully or be really mean to other players and im not just wanting to be mod to be mean or bully all the other players on the server i also i will make sure they are following the rules and i will make sure if some one broke the rule i will make sure %100 that they have broken it if they did.so this is why i am asking to be mod thank you for reading this or viewing i will appreciate it if u let me become mod
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everdeath155 for mod a great mod
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