PvP legends, is a pvp based minecraft server.
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 EpicLaw's Mod Application

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PostSubject: EpicLaw's Mod Application   Thu Jul 12, 2012 2:14 am

#1 Name : My Name is Cameron Trinh. My In game name is EpicLaw.

#2 Age : I'm 12 year's old. I really suppose to be 13 but don't worry about that i'm mature enough

#3 How long have you been playing on Minecraft? : I've been playing Minecraft Since I bought it. I bought it when it was in 1.4 Beta and I know alot about Minecraft don't worry.

#4 How long have you been playing on pvplegends? : I've been on the server for about 5 or 4 weeks.
I've made tonnes of friends on it. I'm in the faction GSO and allies with tonnes of other factions.

#5 have you ever held any staff positions before on any other servers? : Yes I have been in staff positions on other servers. For me to remember I was the official Owner for that server until it was shut down cause of his parents. I was Friends with all the people on the server but some were just hackers so I help them out with no cheat.

#6 Do you know how factions works? : Yes I do know how factions work. I have my own server i'm working right now. If you need help with factions just ask me.

#7 Do you have a microphone? if so do you have skype or ventrilo? : I have use a Computer that runs perfectly with 1000GB good graphic and barely lag. I have a Microphone that cost a bit of money. Microphone is separate with my headphones and I use Skype mostly everyday my Skype name is (camerontrinh24). I might use ventrilo someday but don't worry hope thats enough detail for that.

#8 My own little comments Very Happy :
If you don't mind I add my own comments. I love that your doing this Moderator Application and also one more thing I do have my Youtube Channel so I will be making videos of this server soon.

Thank you for reading my application and I hope you can consider me a Moderator if not I will understand not everyone get what they want Thank you.
Sincerely Cameron Trinh / EpicLaw cheers
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EpicLaw's Mod Application
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