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 Ban Appeal - EBuilder2

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PostSubject: Ban Appeal - EBuilder2   Sat Apr 06, 2013 11:17 am

only wanted to join a faction, they couldnt even say yes or no. seriously just say YES OR NO. jesus christ

What is you IGN?: EBuilder2

Why were you banned?: for asking to join a faction, then raging cause no one answered

Who banned you?: this Luigi faggot

Why should we unban* you?: because I just wanted to join a goddamn faction

What is your rank?: lowest rank, just started

i know a shitton of admins arte gonna say "nop u curs nrage nd caps nd shit" but if you wouldve just said yes or no holy shit a difference it would make.

EDIT : i really dont give a fuck if you unban me or what, i just want to join a faction
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Ban Appeal - EBuilder2
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