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 Dorkwads ban apply (He can't get on forums)

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PostSubject: Dorkwads ban apply (He can't get on forums)   Sat Oct 13, 2012 10:29 am

I would to like know why I was banned in the first place. Cinsidering I did nothing wrong. Thye said I have Nodus when I don't. Asutt informed me that someone got on and spammed I have Nodus, and then I was perm banned. I would like to discuss this dante, I apparently I whispered him before. But I would like to know who it is. And I do have Nodus as to our discussin dante. But infact I DO NOT use PvP hacks as an account of it ruining the adrenaline ruch that PvP gives you. I don't need PvP hacks as an account of my skills being so high so why would I ned to hack? If I can 2 hit your armor anyway?
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Dorkwads ban apply (He can't get on forums)
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